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Missing the point

Missed the whole point of it…that is what I think. I think a lot of people miss the point of the season. This short little post is in reply to a feathered friend’s poem. See http://risinghawk.wordpress.com/2014/12/22/voyage-of-the-nicholas/

I work with mostly women; all different ages with different family commitments. For the last weeks, it has been pretty unbearable to be around many of my coworkers. Since Thanksgiving, the illness toll has been steadily increasing. And it is not the flu. It is exhaustion. Everyone is tired.

I work for an organization that supplies home care in various degrees of therapy. Part of the issue is that health care in general is a crazy business that changes daily. But this is also a time of year that for some reason our census increases. But our workforce decreases with time off. Many of our staff have a lot of vacation time in their banks and personal time MUST be used before the middle of December or lose it. Sometimes we are our own enemies.

Being short staffed increases the pressure already existing in a very tense environment. There is a lot of finger pointing and blaming that goes on. Our culture is basically terrible and I have been working for over three years to help improve it. That is another post with a whole litany of why I am in the wrong place.

Here are a few of the conversations I overheard today: “I have to rush out of here after work (8.5 to 10 hours) and shop for (10 or more) people who I have not gotten anything for. Boy I do not feel like it.” …nothing says loving like thinking your loved ones are a pain. “I am stopping by because I never got around to doing cards this year, so Merry Christmas.” “I am so tired I just want to sleep for the next three days, but I have to go home, clean and pick up my kid at the airport.” They had a bring-a-dish to pass brunch and people grabbed a plate and went back to their offices. Many of us skipped it as it was just not merry. And my favorite comment is from a friend who usually is very pleasant and calm…as she passed my office and poked her head in she stated,“I hate this f*&%ing job!” She rarely swears, so I know her panties were really in a bundle. One friend’s father is home in hospice. Another dear friend is home with a fractured shoulder and a husband with a TBI. Another friend is home because her MS is flaring to the point she cannot move. Today I listened to two women out spend each other on their gifts to their children. It was really disgusting. Our resident Santa made a visit on the floor this afternoon. He was suited up because he just shot a promo for a car dealership which is make a donation….. bah humbug!

I was not going to take time off, but I decided I am. I would rather not be in that environment. How really sad it is that we have made our holiday world about the wrong things. It is missing the point completely.

I may not be Christian, but I am spiritual. This is not what this time of reflection is about. It is a time to be grateful for the biggest gift any of us every received. Life!

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  1. Indeed! Peace to you . . .


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