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Life in the Garden

June garden1 We finally are having summer. It seems it took forever to get here. The weekends have been raining but every chance I get I am outside. This is one of the things I am looking forward to in retirement…. if I can still move. Yesterday I finally got around to doing the hanging pots. I have a bit more to do, like a whole other flat of impatiens. June 2  After the spring plants there is not a lot of colored flowers unless I introduce them. I usually plant 96 impatiens or more. I also plant lettuce. This year we had to dig out the bed and then add new soil. It was a lot of work but we were excited about fresh lettuce.

before lettuce 2 I did some last year with success in pots and a bit in the garden. But this year I did a whole flat of mixed greens.

Before lettuce  Usually, by now, the lilac and rhododendrons have bloomed and are finished. This year the Rohodas were behind.

Bee and rhoda  Two years ago I thought I would lose them all. One of the newer ones did die. I think the black walnut in the neighbor’s yard is toxic. I wacked the heck out of the oldest one and this year it bloomed prolifically.    May fly rhoda

We have many visitors in the garden. There are a lot of squirrels who love the bird food I put out. One night they were running around being goofy. Browny loves to chase them.

squirrel 1 squirrel 2

We still have the dove in the eve of the porch. She is nesting again. However, we have not seen the other dove I called David. He had a very apparent feather configuration on his head which looked like a cap. But she is nesting again.david and davina

We also have on the porch another large birdhouse which Chuck and Rita chick-a-Dee have made their own. This is the second time they have been with us. They are busy feeding their young and you can hear them in their little house.

bug chuck

So as soon as I planted the lettuce, my bunnies showed up.

rabbitts 1 They are not afraid of me. They are used to even the dogs and as long as Browny does not chase them, we all coexist. I find them darling. Often they will play, but mostly they just chomp.

cu bunny  I don’t mind them eating the clover and grass and birdseed. But yesterday morning, I came out and my lettuce was half gone. All I had was nubs of many of the new plants. I was so mad, but what did I expect? So I got smart. I looked up how to protect plants and thought this was ingenious:

sticks punchi sticks  I put in about 100 little SHARP sticks that you use for kabobs. Cost me next to nothing. The are not toxic and unless you try to jump in the garden, won’t hurt the plants or anything. cu sticks  Gotcha Bunny!

praying bunny


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