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This is a fabulous post. I hope that this will help spread the word about being trauma informed. Although it talks mostly about sexual abuse, the physical abuse can be revisited in the doctor’s office with even the simple act of holding one down on a table to do an exam. Or holding their head to look into the mouth. I am going to let this blog speak for itself, I will revisit this.

ACEs Too High


Dear Doctor,

As a medical professional you have taken an oath to do no harm, but there are ways in which you can hurt your patients without even recognizing you are doing so. What seems to you as a simple exam may cause injury to those who have been victimized by someone’s touch. This is a subject that we, survivors of sexual violence, have been meaning to discuss with you for some time now, but your authority can be more intimidating than you may know. I am also unsure if you are aware just how much power you, as a physician, hold and to the extent that you affect the lives of all of your patients. Your interactions with us travel much deeper than the physical core.

The relationship between patient and doctor is also mental, built on trust, understanding, and the security of knowing that your doctor has your…

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Comments on: "Dear doctor: A letter from a survivor of sexual trauma to all medical professionals" (3)

  1. Thank you for sharing this.


  2. This was beautifully written. These are all the reasons why I do not see a doctor, except for emergencies. And then I am filled with anxiety and fear. Thank you for putting it into words.


  3. I wasn’t able to leave the above comment on the original article on my WP app on my cell phone. So I left the comment here. I will try again on my laptop and then copy it to the original author. Thank you for sharing this article.


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