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Under the Weather

fog and heron

Springtime has finally arrived here. It was gorgeous yesterday and today holds to be even better. My husband is looking forward to hitting the links and chasing a little white ball around. I am hoping to have enough energy to work in the garden.

It is also flu season and there is some nasty stuff out there. I have caught a cold and I am hoping it does not get to be anything more than that. It is unusual for me to have more than one cold a year, but this past winter was an exception. I think the warmer temperatures helped to spread more yuck.

Jan backyard Garden in January 2016

My work is also a breeding ground for germs. We have many people who are out visiting sick people and they come in and spread stuff. Around Christmas, one dietician had something so bad that it took out her whole department. One girl ended up hospitalized. Because we all share the same kitchen and bathroom facilities, it spread across the whole HR and Ed department. I got it.

One lady I work with is over 77 years old and she has been fighting this upper respiratory since January. Another lady who has asthma and bad allergies has just been diagnosed with walking pneumonia.

Louie 1

The University Medical Center  we are connected with is on high alert. They have a break out of a norovirus which is spreading like wildfire. They are sanitizing just about everything. Our facility has a hired out cleaning crew and we are lucky they vacuum.

rhoda 1 2015

The bigger issue is that people do not stay home when they are sick. We have sick time. But people do not want to waste it on colds and other short term illnesses. They hoard it in case something major comes along and they need it for a longer period of time. I can guarantee if I came down with something this weekend, there will be others. Scary factor: we all know hand hygiene and infection control protocols.

I am super glad the weather is improving and I know I will too. Working in my garden and listening to the birds will be the best medicine I can have.



The eyes have it

eyes    Today I feel like I reached the bottom, which is fine and now I am on the way up again. So true confessions, there was more going on with my life which I did not share because I did not know all the facts. Something occurred today, which has swung the pendulum. One thing I have learned in the past three years “hang on, nothing stays the same.”

The short story is on New Year’s Eve, I went for an eye appointment to get new glasses. It has been four years and my glasses broke right in half. I had an old pair which was great. Seems my prescription for the past ten years has not changed much. Wonderful!

However this time, the doctor found an anomaly in my eye. She said my optic nerve was enlarged. I made an instant appointment to see a specialist. And then, being who I am, I started Googling.

Turns out that the condition has a variety of names, none of which I knew. Seems the cause of this condition can be from medication, blood pressure, fluid, spinal fluid, and the one that stuck with me…..being obese, which is called papilledema. When I read that, I was devastated and furious. I cannot find anywhere what the connection is and why this can cause this condition.

The first technician I saw today looked at the readings and info from the first doctor and said she felt the readings indicated a normal range. But the Doctor said to do tests anyways. So I went through a battery of tests for about an hour. I had different drops and stared at all sorts of bright things.

This was all fine. Leading up to the appointment was not. All the information I read was….well, it just added to the failure I have been feeling about myself lately. I felt “I did this. I deserved it. If I was thinner, this would not be an issue.” No one can beat themselves up like I can. It was a week of this and it got worse and worse. I would check something on google during work and get upset and then come home and read it again, only adding to my angst.

The bottom line is this. I do not have papilledema. I have the markers for MAYBE glaucoma…. Or it is just the way my eye cup is. She said do not lose any sleep. I asked her if this had anything to do with being fat. She just laughed (nicely) and said no. It may be nothing at all, but without any past history she can’t tell. I may have been born with this enlarged opening. She said to just make sure I have an eye exam every year. We are going to do more baseline readings also. She said actually my eyes were healthy, pressure and depth and thickness of the cornea all were fine. I finally let out my breath.

I had been seeing the same eye doctor my husband had for years. I saw him for about 8 years. Last year, my hubby had to have surgery for cataracts that were so bad, one eye was almost totally occluded. And of course, my husband did not say anything. When they went in, it was much worse than they thought and he was under the knife for an hour…. for a fifteen minute surgery. He is now also seeing someone else.

If I had a vision loss of any kind, I would have known it. I am fanatical about my eyes. I am a photographer. I express myself though the lens. (I don’t post many here) I do so much with my eyes that they are absolutely precious to me. The punishment I put myself through this past week just is a demonstration of what people like me do to themselves.

The upshot of all this is I have this safety net in place to help me protect my eyes. I am ok with her prognosis and diagnosis as she was pretty convincing that this really was not an issue, but preventative.

And I think I finally faced up to some challenges I have about my health. So with this hurtle out of the way, I think things I will start to pick myself up again. I am up for the challenge.