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June Island images

Summer is half over and so I thought I would post some images from an early trip to the 1000 Islands. But first, my doves. For the last couple of years, we have had doves nest in our porch eve. I love them. This year, they started in March and right up to June they had chicks after chicks. This is the second to last batch.

  They had two chicks, this time around and they got quite big.  I do not know how they all fit. But there was one more chick born after these two left the nest. Unfortunately, the new baby fell out of the nest and died at my feet. It was one of the many sad things that happened this summer.

Tradition has been for me to spend my birthday week in the Islands. We took Joe’s daughter with us this year. The water height was drastic. We have had the wettest summer and so I am not sure if the water has gone down much. Here are several examples of the water.

The first picture is last year and the second one this year.

    They put barrels on docks to keep them from floating away or breaking up from waves.   People build docks over their existing docks.


This is a picture of the spot where I normally go every afternoon to meditate. There is an old piece of a wood dock which normally is about a foot out of the water. I can walk to it on the rocks, which are also under the water.

My favorite activity up there is to take pictures of the wildlife, especially the herons. We saw a few in our travels like this dude who was sitting in a canal on the golf course we were on.

Or this nesting site. When we come back in August, this will be empty. The rocks are white because of all the bird poop.     

  We always find something new up there. This was an addition to someone’s cottage. Quite interesting.

In 2014, a landmark in TI Park burned to the ground. It was a tragic loss as it was such a step back into the olden days. It was an ice cream parlor, store and small restaurant. The building originally housed the fire department and in irony, it burned too. The fire was so intense and quick they could not get the trucks out. They have rebuilt and much to many who do not like it, we found it wonderful. The young couple who own it are charming and the food is great. They still have ice cream and they have added much to make the place a community center. The fire department is now located somewhere else and better.

  Now back to my birds.

   When we get there, it always seems like there are no animals. They seem to hide. By the third day, I have all sorts of animals around. There are tons of geese, which I love especially when they are babies.    

And I love my herons, who are more active at sunset.   Hard to see this one but in the middle there is one.   I like the fire of the sunset though the trees.

On the last day we were there, the geese came to say good bye. It is hard to see, but there is one goose on the rocks who died overnight. I do not know why and I did not go down to investigate. It was like loosing a friend. To me, it was an omen as I have never seen this  and why on this rock? All the years we have come up, and I have never seen a dead goose like this. And true to my omen, this summer has been very difficult for me. Last Thursday, and friend of mine died. He was in his early forties, married and his son is six. We all are in shock over his death. I dedicate this post to him.

The rain continued this summer, but I have heard the water is lower a bit. Three more weeks and we are back in the Islands. I cannot wait.

Views from the Islands

view from porch 2016  We spent my birthday and the whole weekend in the Thousand Islands. This is the view from the porch off our place. I find peace and grounding on The River, especially this local. When we first got there, I thought the animals had disappeared. They do, I discover until you are ready to see them. Then they were plentiful. My dream would be to retire and spend summers up here doing nothing but taking pictures.

Tibbetts  This is Tibbett’s Point. It is where the River meets Lake Ontario. You can actually stay in this Hostel house. Across the River is the biggest island named Wolfe Island. You can only get there by a ferry, a very small ferry.  We did it once and it was scary as hell. But the Island was beautiful and full of splendid farms and fields. Now it is covered with

Wolfe Isalnd wind turbines. It was a very lucrative move for the inhabitants as they paid them huge money for the placement. But it has ruin the view from across the river.

towers  My shots do not do justice to the mass and amount of them. The all blink at night and many people have put their cottages and house up for sale. There is talk of trying to do this to Wellesley Island which is across the River from Alex Bay. It would ruin the River. But they pay big money and many of the places on the River are expensive and owned by people who do not stay in them, but rent them out.

boat This is a private boat. I cannot imagine how much this thing costs, or how much it costs to  fill it up. Every summer, there is a luxury yacht that comes down the River and moors in Clayton.

Peonie  We had beautiful weather and I have a ton of photos of the animals we saw, which I will save until next blog. This is a peony from Tibbett’s Point garden. I love peonies but cannot grow them because I do not have enough sun.

sunset view The 1000 Islands are famous for their sunsets.

moon It was full moon when we were there.

I often say, I wish I could bottle how wonderful I feel when I am on The River.