A journal of healing


Last week I was chatting with my friend who is about the same age as me. We both agreed that the energy we have has dwindled and that it seems so much harder to get through the week. I am not sure if it is the weather, our age, our physical limitations, or all the above. So I sat and thought about it. I realized it was all the above but then there are other things happening that has definitely changed the energy of our world. Although I am not directly impacted, the ripple does affect all. These are some of the things I have observed.

The whole Trump situation is totally negative. Whether you are for or against, it sets up a very adversarial situation, since there are few who are not affected by his actions. I personally can’t stand the man for many reasons. But every time he opens his mouth, he sets off a ripple of anger. Either people are destroyed by something he does or people feel they have to defend him because no one trusts him. It has created a state of anxiety and fear and he is totally unaware of his actions. He is so far removed from reality that there is no way he could have an idea of what affect his decisions have. But the people around him do, and they are letting him. It is so out of control right now that it sets up an atmosphere of fear.

We have a severe water issue here in my area and upstate New York. I have a friend who lives on a road that is between the big lake and a series of ponds. Her house is slowly filling with water as her beach area falls into the lake. She said her basement walls are weeping water which will eventually dissolve her foundation. There are many in this situation. My beloved River is over her banks as well. Parts of Boldt Castle are underwater. They had to close down operations up there. That will really hurt their economy as they only have six months to make their money. Although it does not affect me directly, the idea of my favorite place in the world being in jeopardy does upset me.

I work in health care. It is the most regulated industry out there. We live in fear of audits. They are not fair. Our last audit they hit us for things that have never come up before. Stupid things. We had to go back and get I 9’s for all the volunteers. We have never had to do that. People who submitted an application electronically and who were hired had to come in to HR and sign their application even if they have worked for us for ten years. There were more stupid things.

Every week we get a letter called a Dear Administrator letter. The one for last week was about the requirements for Home Health Aide training. They changed the rules. So now I have to institute classes to compensate for a change in a regulation so we do not get dinged when they come in. We live in fear of this kind of thing all the time. This fear and constant worry about documentation and regulations permeate this field. It is extremely negative but there is no getting around it.

Maybe I am just getting tired of this constant negative world. I know I am not going to do anything about work for a couple of more years. I certainly can’t quit with no health insurance.

Well, this blog certainly did not cheer me up either. It doesn’t help to spread doom and gloom, so I will stop and go sit outside in the rain.


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