A journal of healing

 I used to think it would be so grand to have a house down on the big lake. I would actually love to have a place on the River. But after this spring, I am not so sure. The rain has been non-stop. The creeks are overflowing, parks are under water and roads are closed. We took a journey out to one of our favorite parks this afternoon. It was shocking.

   This is one beach area at the park. In the distance, you can see a break wall under water. That is how far the beach use to go out. Now it is right up to picnic area.

  This part of the beach was three times as big as it is now.

  Where those trees are used to be dry. You could walk out there and sit. There was a small beach area around the trees. Last week,  we also went down to another favorite spot. There is a long pier going out from the bay to the lake that you can walk on. It was too windy for us. We took some pictures of the houses that face the lake.

  Where the logs are out far was where the beach once was.       The  erosion and water is very bad. This was last week. This location is now closed because the bay and the lake have breached on either side.

  It has been so cold and damp that I have not been able to sit out. I also am very sick with the flu. It has wiped me out. I have never slept as much as I have this past weekend. Although I think I am on the mend, I would not wish this on anyone. Well, maybe Trump.

  Our garden is waiting for me to spruce it up. Fortunately, the flowering trees have been spectacular. My annuals are coming up including the roses I thought I lost. The lilacs are blooming, but they need more sun. Mrs. Dove grew her baby and it took off last Thursday. She is already sitting on a new egg or two. We also have a sparrow family in one house and a chick-a-dee in another. I want to sit out. Slowly I hope the weather and I will improve and it will be garden time



Comments on: "Water, water, water….." (1)

  1. Hey Jane,

    Nature is relentless isn’t she and will never be contained by our feeble attempts to tame her. She will always return to claim what is rightfully hers one day…Trump included.

    Hearing of roses returning to your garden must bring joy to your gardener’s heart: she is such a beautiful flower, elegant, enchanting, and captivating…a flower always blooming with Love. Certainly she will bring a smile to your garden and happiness in your heart. All you need now is a scarecrow 🙂

    I had to look Boldt Castle up online as I had no recollection of its name. Thank you for its mention. I was instantly put in mind of Castle Coch here in Wales, which is another ‘folly’ gifted to a wife as an expression of love. I’ll leave the link for interest. Thank you.


    Thank you for the post Jane. I hope your flu has quickly passed and returned you to better health and sense of ease. Stay warm, dry, and well Jane and as always keep wearing that beaming smile on your dial 😀

    Until next time…




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