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Induced Depression

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Last night we watched a couple of movies, like we do every Saturday night through the “can’t sit outside” time of the year. I rent all kinds of movies. Some are surprisingly good and some are so bad, you feel like you have been slapped when they are over. I rarely buy into what the Academy has touted as the best of the best. My favorites are usually love stories that end well, or animated. Anything from Pixar is a winner in my books.

But the choices seem to have narrowed. I try not to rent very violent movies. The violence stays with me for days. Any movie that has animals dying is not good and especially if it is a dog.

This post is not really movie critique but a commentary on what we are doing to ourselves. Depression is contagious. Being sad is not a good place to be. But we have surrounded ourselves with a world of death and mayhem and turmoil. We call it entertainment. What are we exposing our children to?

I no longer watch TV. Not at all. I was too disturbed by it. Funny, because that was what I did for a living and that is what I taught. But it to me is no longer entertainment. It is abusive. It sets up a world of comparison that no one can live up to. And the last thing I want to watch is people struggling and call it entertainment. I believe it desensitizes people so they are no longer shocked or empathetic. It is just someone else’s problem. Much like how images of war are no longer considered disturbing.

But I do love the escape of a good movie. I can see the art in the scenes and the pathos of a good story. I still watch for technical merit as well as looking for the quality of the finished movie.  I also love a good laugh. Best movie I have seen for a really good laugh is BFG (BIG Friendly Giant). Any movie that has a fart in it is big with me.

Last night’s choice was Manchester by the Sea followed by Beauty and the Beast. OMG, I had horrible dreams all night and feel like I was run over. Manchester has to be one of the saddest and most tragic movies out there, but I do not mean that in a good way. The hopelessness and chronic depression the main character goes through was not entertaining. It was just tragic. The story was about life and was very real in its depiction, I will give it that. But if I had known what I was going to be getting myself into viewing this, I would have not.

But the real offense was the second movie we rented; Beauty and the Beast. This was not an animated movie although there was tons of CG and special effects; it was live actors. I will say this, it was beautiful. The scenery, back grounds, dresses and sets were amazing. But it was extremely violent and filled with animals being killed. It missed the boat as far as we were concerned. But the violence was over the top and I would never let a child see that movie. The voice over did not match the mouths and it was choppy and erratically edited. It was a disappointment and again, just violent.

Even something like Pet Stories was violent. Why?

People might say that all fairy tales are violent. True as that is, they are only as violent as the reader and/or listener can conjure up in their head. When we put the stories to film, we are subjected to the movie maker’s concepts of violence.

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, we had a different selection of entertainment than we have now. TV was not violent or sexual at all. It was entertainment. Some of the first movies I did see as a child were musicals. They were happy and bright. The first real exposure I had to a violent movie was Clockwork Orange and to this day I still hate it.

What are we doing to ourselves as a society? We know that negative bias is a real thing. Biologically, we are designed to accept negative input more so than positive. https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200306/our-brains-negative-bias.

Is it just me who feels a sense of loss from such constant negative bombardment? Am I just being overly sensitive? (see past blog) This is my opinion: I think truly that the media output is by design meant to create a society that can be controlled and manipulated into accepting darkness as way of being. The results are demonstrated in the amount of bullying and just nastiness we see in our lives from our adult relationships  and the behavior of our children. I don’t find it acceptable.


Comments on: "Induced Depression" (5)

  1. So weird: I watched Manchester By Sea last night, and had this exact conversation with my boyfriend afterwards! What’s with all the bleak, depressing, violent tones of films? I don’t watch TV much, we actually don’t even own one anymore. I hated the main character in Manchester, he was an awful person! So hard to relate to. Anyway, great post, and I agree with you. ❤️


  2. yes, Bleak is a good word to describe that movie. Thank you for your comment.


  3. I, myself, really enjoy a good depressing and sad movie from time to time. Helps me appreciate what I do have and not feel quite so alone. On the other hand I most decidedly do not want to have that as my only choice. I don’t want to live there.


  4. If you want sad and depressing, see Manchester by the Sea. I guarantee it will bring you down. The one act of stupidity the guy does is so horrific it is beyond my comprehension. I won’t ruin it for you.


  5. Hey Jane,

    ~ Scream ~

    Everlasting on the Silver Screen.
    Icons were icons once never seen.
    Promoting mainstream’s disturbing dreams.
    Financing fortunes of distribution machines.
    I’m not impressed by quality.
    Or pressed wanting more.
    Most films brought to cinema.
    Seem spliced to also bore.
    Some films tease to tear my eye.
    Some root me to the floor.
    But I cannot seem to remember.
    If the last film was an eyesore.
    These dark troubled days I go without.
    Now twelve years without a screen.
    I do chance glance at horror films.
    Hypernormalisation made me scream!
    Does my mind screen discerningly.
    What my small screen eyes see
    Does my mind view the bigger picture?
    Or see truth in the heart of T.V?

    Thank you for always opening our eyes far wider with your discerning mind, your knowing heart, and your well-written post. What a Trident you are for change!

    Happy Spring daze Jane. She’ll soon be here for you.

    Namaste 🙂

    DN – 05/03/2017


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