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I felt the need this morning to not post happy pictures of animals and flowers. I am saddened by the on- going violence and killing that is happening in our world. And I am tired of everyone who is saying that police are racist and are out to get blacks. I am tired of people determining to fight people because of their outside appearances.

We had a situation this week where one woman turned to another in a cashier’s line at Wal-Mart and said something to her. In the paper, they actually used the words, “she dissed her.” She said she did not like the woman’s appearance and all hell broke loose. It caused a riot in the store and 33 people were arrested. This was not racial, it was just stupid. They had a protest here this weekend and 74 people were arrested. And the point of that is????? I struggle with this all.

I am not black, so I do not walk in their world. I am a woman and I am fat. I have my own baggage that I deal with when it comes to discrimination. I know what it feels like to be judged by my outward appearance which has nothing to do with my abilities. I am judge to be slovenly and lazy, which is the farthest thing from the truth. And some people have no trouble demonstrating their immediate disapproval of me on first sight.

But I do not rage and fight physically. Violence is so stupid. I believe that what is going on is an excuse to act poorly and out of control.

As far as people thinking cops are racist. Some are. They are that way because as time goes by on the job, they see and deal with a large body of people whose actions only foster this thinking. Cops do not trust, they can’t. They are doing a job that slowly eats away any sense of fairness. They do not get respect. So if an officer tells you to do something, it is for you and their protection. Just do as they ask. Reaching over to get anything will get you in a heap of trouble. Don’t argue and don’t be stupid.

I will never see a peaceful world. I am not sure that it is humanly possible for everyone to get along. Anger and frustrations start with the smallest and closest group we have, our family and then friends. By the time we make it to kindergarten, we already know how to stereotype and disrespect others based solely on appearance . Our acceptance is based on “like thinking” and so if one hates, we are trained to perpetuate the hatred. Fear and anger comes from not understanding.

We need to learn about each other. We need to not judge but embrace our differences and not be afraid of them.


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  1. I’m sure it’s not humanly possible for everyone in the world to get along with everyone else. But it’s not necessary to resort to violence just because someone has a different viewpoint. I’m not saying that a person shouldn’t defend himself or herself if attacked, but why start a fight when there are other ways to settle differences? (And why bother to comment on another shopper’s appearance? It’s not likely you’ll be having dinner with that person or something.)


  2. I don’t think it is possible to get be BFF with everyone, but it sure would be nice if we were more tolerant.


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