A journal of healing

sunset It seems so long now since we were at the Islands. My life here takes over and the peace and serenity vanish very quickly. I long for the day when the normal for me is much more relaxed. One of the things I relish about the Islands are all the animals.

view from porch 2016  When we first arrived, I commented to my husband about how few animals and birds we saw on the way up. There are usually pockets of geese on the low grassy areas  and more ospreys and herons in the sky. As we unwound, they appeared. I truly believe that animals have a different energy wave and in order to really “be” with them, you have to be calm and on their wave length.

naptime This is the time of year when the geese babies or goslings are become teenagers. We had several families who would camp below our elevated porch. I of course had to feed them some choice snacks, which I know is a no no.

mom and dad I watched as Mom goose became very protective of her young and would hiss at the other families if they got to close. Everyone says geese can be nasty, but it is all show.

furious feathers  They fluff and stuff, hiss and go after each other, but it is harmless. I saw one pull a feather out of another goose. I have fed geese out of my hand and they don’t hurt. momgoose

They are so beautiful.

osprey 2  The osprey also have chicks which are getting big. We saw several nests all over the place once I was able to focus on finding them. As we were on the golf course, a pair of fledglings put on quite a display for us, swooping quite close over our heads.

duckies 2 This was the newest addition to the group of babies. One of the ducklings was much braver than the other and would take off from Mom, who would then have to corral him back. They also came to visit but walking on the grass was not as easy for them as swimming.

duckies 3  Every year we go to the Islands, there is a heron who comes to the cove and sits and fishes. I have named her Charlene. This year, she did not appear. However, this big guy showed up the second night. I unfortunately do not have a long enough lens to do this justice. He was huge.

charlemenge and he looked quite craggy. He would hang around and fish every night.  Charl  But I know he is not my Charlene, who I actually have been very near and have a ton of photos of her. She is much smaller. charlemenge flying  When he flew past the porch, you could actually hear his wings. This shot does not demonstrate how big he is.

Boldt barns  We play golf…well my husband plays and I drive the cart and shoot photos. We play on the course that was once George Boldt’s farm. There are structures left from his time and the layout is based on the old canals he employed on the property. There are many animals on the property and it is so quiet and peaceful.

snake  This guy made my husband run. He was about nine feet long. There are lots of snakes on the Islands and in the water, but this is the first one I have seen that was so big. I did not get too close.

About the fourth hole, I spied something moving incredibly slow towards the green. I had seen and photographed a cute turtle last year on this spot, but this was way too big to be that. But it was a turtle…. a massive old turtle.

turtle He was a good three feet in diameter and when he stood up to move he was huge. Again, this was not something to get too close too as he could move and could have really hurt.

turtle 1 He took his time and as we were leaving, we told the golf pro who said he was famous. He is probably as old as the farm.

I could spend my life taking photos of the animals up there. Someday, I hope that is what I will be able to do.


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