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Views from the Islands

view from porch 2016  We spent my birthday and the whole weekend in the Thousand Islands. This is the view from the porch off our place. I find peace and grounding on The River, especially this local. When we first got there, I thought the animals had disappeared. They do, I discover until you are ready to see them. Then they were plentiful. My dream would be to retire and spend summers up here doing nothing but taking pictures.

Tibbetts  This is Tibbett’s Point. It is where the River meets Lake Ontario. You can actually stay in this Hostel house. Across the River is the biggest island named Wolfe Island. You can only get there by a ferry, a very small ferry.  We did it once and it was scary as hell. But the Island was beautiful and full of splendid farms and fields. Now it is covered with

Wolfe Isalnd wind turbines. It was a very lucrative move for the inhabitants as they paid them huge money for the placement. But it has ruin the view from across the river.

towers  My shots do not do justice to the mass and amount of them. The all blink at night and many people have put their cottages and house up for sale. There is talk of trying to do this to Wellesley Island which is across the River from Alex Bay. It would ruin the River. But they pay big money and many of the places on the River are expensive and owned by people who do not stay in them, but rent them out.

boat This is a private boat. I cannot imagine how much this thing costs, or how much it costs to  fill it up. Every summer, there is a luxury yacht that comes down the River and moors in Clayton.

Peonie  We had beautiful weather and I have a ton of photos of the animals we saw, which I will save until next blog. This is a peony from Tibbett’s Point garden. I love peonies but cannot grow them because I do not have enough sun.

sunset view The 1000 Islands are famous for their sunsets.

moon It was full moon when we were there.

I often say, I wish I could bottle how wonderful I feel when I am on The River.

Comments on: "Views from the Islands" (6)

  1. jahnisec said:

    Wow, the way you took the moon picture was phenomenal!

    Checkout latest post:Miami Wildlife http://wp.me/p7xFAt-zT


  2. Gorgeous photos. Happy birthday!!!! 🙂


  3. Thank you, It was through the pine trees so it was a but tricky.

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  4. Thank you Dear Friend

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  5. Oh so beautiful, thank you so much for sharing this. I look forward to seeing your animal photos.


  6. Thank you, sometime I wonder if what I shoot is actually as pretty as what I see in my head.


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