A journal of healing

Spring in the Garden

I am on the other side of a very long stretch of a lot of turmoil. Instead of going on and on about my troubles, I thought I would share photos of the garden. Spring this year has reflected my ups and downs. But even in troubling times, there can be peace and beauty.

lilacs The lilacs were late this year. We have a festival here that is centered completely around the lilac display in a park. The lilacs were not open when they had the festival. Strange, this festival is the first of the season and is usually lovely and pleasant. They open on Mother’s day weekend and go on for a week. It is a mecca for the silver hair bunch. However,  even this was filled this year with street fights and brawls. It will change next year with more security and probably close it to unattended teens. What was supposed to be a family event is now marred with gang wars and stupidity.  This lilac resides in my yard.

david and davina  David and Davina continued building their nest. I found a shell on the floor below them but did not see anything for some time. They are very used to us being out there. One morning there was a new set of eyes peeking out. Then I realized there were two babies. I was a Grandma!  I was so excited and named them Dot and Dudley. One, I assume, is Dudley and was very big.

Dot and Dudley   Even in this shot, you can see he was a little braver and feisty.

deer  All the plants are finally coming up. Our little village has a  lot of wooded areas and the canal. Deer roam pretty freely munching on the variety of vegetation offered by the town folks. My yard is completely fenced so they cannot get in the back. But one winter, they nested in the front right next to the house under some bushes. They stripped the bushes from underneath. I think they are one of the most beautiful creatures out there.

spring ice  Last weekend, it was cold and very grey. We actually had several ice showers. I did not have anything planted yet so I was not concerned but it was not a nice. The weather continues to be glorious during the week and crappy on the weekend. I had plans to put lettuce in today, but it is raining.

disey I did put my plant in to a pot and that is beginning to settle. I usually have all the indoor plants out and pots of inpatients done but not this year. I have to take things very slowly as I am struggling physically. I am not going to go there today.

Dot and Dudley  Last night, Dudley fell out of the nest. I was not out there. My husband did not see him, but the dog did. She scared him and he flew into the quince bush.

quince   I could not find him. I saw David come by and then he took off also. This morning, it was only Dot and her mom in the nest. Dudley is within the fence so he won’t be eaten by a cat. I really hope he will be ok. It was very upsetting for me. I can’t be mad at the dog though.cookie 5-16 “I sorry Mommers”



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  1. I know what you mean about not being mad at the dog. You should have been at my house the morning I caught Cody running around with a bunny in her mouth (thank heavens, it was already dead). Dogs will do what dogs gotta do. Hopefully, Dudley managed to get somewhere safe.


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