A journal of healing


EYEBALLING HOUSE  Spring has finally arrived. It is raining hard this morning. Although I would rather have a day outside in the garden and I wish it would rain during the week while I work, it is comforting to hear the patter of drops on skylight. I know I am safe from the wetness and cold. Seems my property provides safety for many and I welcome them all.

CHUCK I collect bird houses. I have a few out in the garden but most are on the deck hanging or are under the roof. This blue house has been home to Chuck and Rita Chickadee before and they are back in residence this year. This house is right next to the door to outside and I am surprised they like it. Chuck spent an afternoon actually in our house flying around, but finally got out.

BIRD HOTEL  Now I have a pair of mourning doves who have set up residence right above where I sit. They are used to us all now. They stay now on their nest when we come out and sit below them. Even the dogs do not scare them.

NURSERY    There is a definite calm energy in this house. The only storm comes periodically from its humans inhabitants. When I first moved in, my dog Toots found peace after so many years of having seizures in our old house. She did not care for my ex. From the day I moved in here alone after my divorce until her final day, she did not have the weekly seizures that were so horrific to watch. This home has been a haven for five dogs and one cat.

DAVID I am grateful to have this home. It provides safety to me too. There are days when I hate leaving and wish I worked from home. It is even more difficult to leave when the garden is blooming and the animals are visiting. The other morning the pair of rabbits were feeding on the seed along with a chipmunk and several birds and two squirrels. Where some would see vermin, the communal feeding brings me great joy.

I wish the rest of the world got along as well as the plethora of animals and birds do here in the garden.


Comments on: "Sanctuary" (3)

  1. Birdhouses are a fun thing to collect. I’d love to be sitting in your yard watching the birds.


  2. Ya know, you’re only a few miles away…. next time in Rochester….


  3. I didn’t realize you’re in Rochester (or I didn’t remember, if you’ve told me before). Definitely we’ll have to find a way to meet. Rochester’s only about an hour on the Thruway, or we could split the distance and meet in Batavia. What do you think?

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