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Signs of spring

4- 2016 garden As soon as the weather started to get better I began to open the garden and put out all the statues and garden stuff. It changes my whole attitude about things when my garden is alive and open. And I needed it this week. I had hired someone on the recommendation of their abilities to teach. She came in, taught two classes and quit. She did me a favor because she was horrible. But we had planned on her to teach 11 in-service classes for three months and more. So now I am taking her classes and teaching them. I prepared a class on Stress Management and Compassion Fatigue. In the class I teach about PTSD and chronic illness brought on by stress and the ACE study and more. I also get a chance to have them participate in a mediation. For most, it is their first time. To fit this in I am working 13 hour days and weekends. But coming home to the garden helps.valley  Yesterday I taught for three hours and wanted to go to Durand Eastman Park in the afternoon to enjoy the flowering trees. It is an Arboretum with hundreds of different trees. The park was commissioned by George Eastman  and sits on acres of land with ponds, valleys and a golf course and overlooks the Lake. It is old and in need but still gorgeous.

white blossoms Some of the trees had just started to bloom.

pink blossoms Others were in full bloom.


We drove around, stopping at certain locations. There were many people doing the same thing. I was looking for a particular spot that used to be covered with daffodils. I think I found it but the field was no longer packed with daffodils. There were a few, but as I said, the park had been neglected as many have been because of the cost.

street in park

But there were many places that were breathtaking still. This sight made me so happy I wanted to stay there.

pink and dark  In the class I teach, I tell our health care aides to find time for themselves. It is healthy to carve out time in a special place that is just for you and to spend time every day there. This is what my garden is for me. I sit out year round. When it is cold, I have multiple blankets and a covered area. As soon as the whether gets warmer, I end my day out there usually reading my kindle until I know it is time to sit still. I mediate for a while and usually fall asleep.

first flowers

When we came home yesterday, I had a wonderful surprise of a gift of a plant for the garden. My dear friend and I will spend hours sitting on the deck under the moon and stars and solve problems of the world. I have not seen her in months, mostly because of our schedules and I have been too tired with my illness to want to do anything. But these lovely flowers will find a place of honor in the garden.

bird hotel  I love all birds but cardinals are my favorite. My family teases that the garden often looks like a Disney movie with all the animals and birds. I have resident pair of cardinals and came home this week to have a chick-a-dee in the house. He got out.

dove nest

I also have a pair of doves I named David and Devina. Seems they like it so much here, they took up residence on the porch. I wish they hadn’t as she flies out everytime I come outside. I also do not want the droppings on my chair as she is right over it. Last night she sat and waited for me to leave but I felt her watching me from a distance.

The garden is alive with my pair of rabbits. They come out every morning and night. They help themselves to the clover in the yard. She has nibbled a lot of my plants but I put out carrots in the winter so she has other things to chew on. Now they have bird seed and clover which is their favorite. I also have at least one chipmunk. He is as brazen as the many squirrels. We have some fat and sassy grey squirrels and are the bane of my dog Browny. But the garden is never boring. Yet it is  a sea of tranquility in my harried world.

Happy spring everyone.





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  1. What a lovely post. I love my garden, too!


  2. Thank you.


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