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Under the Weather

fog and heron

Springtime has finally arrived here. It was gorgeous yesterday and today holds to be even better. My husband is looking forward to hitting the links and chasing a little white ball around. I am hoping to have enough energy to work in the garden.

It is also flu season and there is some nasty stuff out there. I have caught a cold and I am hoping it does not get to be anything more than that. It is unusual for me to have more than one cold a year, but this past winter was an exception. I think the warmer temperatures helped to spread more yuck.

Jan backyard Garden in January 2016

My work is also a breeding ground for germs. We have many people who are out visiting sick people and they come in and spread stuff. Around Christmas, one dietician had something so bad that it took out her whole department. One girl ended up hospitalized. Because we all share the same kitchen and bathroom facilities, it spread across the whole HR and Ed department. I got it.

One lady I work with is over 77 years old and she has been fighting this upper respiratory since January. Another lady who has asthma and bad allergies has just been diagnosed with walking pneumonia.

Louie 1

The University Medical Center  we are connected with is on high alert. They have a break out of a norovirus which is spreading like wildfire. They are sanitizing just about everything. Our facility has a hired out cleaning crew and we are lucky they vacuum.

rhoda 1 2015

The bigger issue is that people do not stay home when they are sick. We have sick time. But people do not want to waste it on colds and other short term illnesses. They hoard it in case something major comes along and they need it for a longer period of time. I can guarantee if I came down with something this weekend, there will be others. Scary factor: we all know hand hygiene and infection control protocols.

I am super glad the weather is improving and I know I will too. Working in my garden and listening to the birds will be the best medicine I can have.



Comments on: "Under the Weather" (7)

  1. Rising Hawk said:

    Hoping for a quick turnaround – the garden needs you and you need it 🙂 Peace . .


  2. Hey Jane,

    Hoping your weekend has been cough and sniffle free and you had ample chance to enjoy the warm sunshine in the garden. Looking forward to seeing photographs of blooms and blossoms later in the year as a result of your hard work!

    So pleased to see the Red Cardinal back in the trees. I imagine he was pleased to share time with you as you pottered about. Is the pesky rabbit still about? Perhaps there are young ones just as eager to enjoy the garden this spring?

    I meant to tell you…Mum has bought two new scarecrows for her potted plant show…friends for Charlie They are small enough to sit in the larger plant pots without being overwhelming. I think Mum has called them Wally and Willow 🙂

    Have a wonderful week Jane. Take care in all ways for always.


    DN – 17/04/2016


  3. Travel Nurse April said:

    I hope you feel better soon!


  4. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you. A day in the sun worked wonders.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank you. You are a travel nurse. Tough job. Thanks for stopping by.


  7. 😀 Very pleased to hear that.


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