A journal of healing

Warm gratitude

snow 2014

Yesterday was the worst weather we have had all winter. The temperatures were below zero and the snow was vertical all day with the wind. Yesterday was also the first day in a long time I felt some inward peace and happiness in long while. I was so grateful we did not have to go anywhere. We stayed home warm and secure, surround by our contented animals, and hibernated.

La La in the snow

I felt bad because the little doggies still had to go out to do their business. The little girl’s feet would get impacted with snow and then she did not want to move. She would limp and cry. It broke my heart. Normally she loves the snow and rolls in it. But it was so bitter that within a few minutes she was miserable. She would recover back inside with a snuggle and the world was fine again.

I thought about all the homeless people who would be so absolutely miserable out there last night. The snow had picked up and the streets were silent except the occasional snow plow. Where would those folks go on a night like this? The wind-chill was a reported minus 35 degrees. I thought about all the beautiful creatures like my bunny that visits and the squirrels and birds and hoped they were warm and safe.

bunnies a Louie

I felt such gratitude for all I have. My house is not big or a palace. It is a comfortable hodge-podge of hand-me-down furniture and passed down antiques. The chairs are big and soft and there is no denying that animals live there too. I have wonderful windows that face the front of the house that go from almost the ceiling to almost the floor. They leak air because they are so old. But it was one of the reasons I love this house. There are a ton of windows and lots of light. I cover them with fleece blankets I turned into curtains and this week was the first time I had to put them up. It helps to keep the house warm and comforting.

I also slept a lot yesterday. Thursday night, the mask to my CPAC ripped. I should have replaced it a long time ago but they are expensive. Friday I did get a new mask and it made all the difference in the quality of my sleep. I think that has been contributing to my feeling bad the last months. I have been sleep deprived. Because there was so little to do I was able to relax and even took a nap. What a treat that is.

When I go to bed a night, I usually list the things I am grateful for. They have sounded hollow in my head. Last night, snuggled down in my soft bed listening to the snerggles of the little furbody buried in my comforter, I knew that I really was grateful for all I have.


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