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End of the Year in photos

neighbor view 2015

This year came to a screeching halt. We had a beautiful fall with crisp days and cool nights. The trees seemed to hold on to their splendor longer than normal. I did not have much free time this fall. Work was overwhelming and consuming. I did not even realize that I did have a chance to photograph the trees.

garden in Dec I hate having to close the garden. We pull all the statues and “stuff” into the shed and remove the big pots of plants. This year, one geranium kept going even after the frost. I pull it under the overhang on the back deck where we have set up our chairs. It continued to bloom even after the frost. It was protected and warmed from the dryer vent. It did not stop blooming until the temperature finally remained in the teens.

geran 1geran 2

We had an incredibly warm December. My dearest friend and I like to sit out and chat out in the garden at night. We solve the world problems out there. We actually were able to sit out  in mid December, wrapped in blankets and the stars.

It seems like Christmas comes upon us so fast and then it is over. I like the holidays very much and took a needed break from work. Again, not enough. But the down time was not really down as there was so much to do to get ready. We have a fake tree we have used for the last ten years. My husband wanted to get rid of it but I will not let him. Granted, it looks a little sad at first.

tree before  But with a little love and work it sparkles and is beautiful ever year. Humans are the same. Love ’em up a bit and watch them sparkle.

Christmas 2015

So here it is January of a new year. We had a lovely holiday. It was exhausting and I was not the only one who was worn out. But the memory of the fun and joy we had will be something to hold onto as we begin the season of snow and dark days.

tried pup  Browny with his toy collection.



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  1. “Love them up a bit and watch them sparkle…” Love it! 🙂


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