A journal of healing

Saying good-bye

Elgin2015 From the sugar maples over head in the garden

Have you ever had that feeling in the pit of your gut when you know you have to face the end of something, and it is out of your control? That is what Autumn feels like to me. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love the season for its colors and vibrancy. But I have to close my garden. I woke up this week to find all the impatiens gone from the cold, leaves covering everything and I knew then end was near.

late may garden 2015a  Early May

My garden is my sanctuary. I did not take a lot of pictures this year. I took several in spring which is my favorite time of year. I love the anticipation of bringing everything back to life and planting the year’s blooms. I usually put in over 100 plants. This year, my husband and I raked and seeded the lawn and it came in beautifully.

chopping tree 2015  Taking down a very old tree

I sit out every night in my wicker chair. Sometimes a friend joins me. Many nights the dogs stay with me. Most nights I fall asleep. This year the neighbor cut down a huge tree which provides even more sun light and exquisite views of the moon. I hate when people cut very old trees down for no reason.

Nightview 2015 View of moon from my chair

Cookie 9-2015  Miss Cookie waiting to cuddle for the evening

lights 2015    Night lights

I have about 75 solar lights in the garden and  Christmas lights on an arbor and a bush. It is pretty bright out there at night. I love the sounds of cicadas and the occasional calling of animals like foxes in the distance. We have one set of very noisy neighbors whose children are allowed to screech well past 10 pm. But fortunately they go away on the weekends. I think it is peaceful and quiet, but as my dear friend will tell you, it is not. I just do not hear the trains. Well I do, but I like the sound of trains in the distance. It sounds like home to me.

fall 2015 garden  Garden in Fall 2015

I will put the planters away and harvest what herbs are left. I grew lettuce this year that was delicious. My roses bloomed and now do not look great but hopefully they will be fine. One of the things that gets me through the winter is thinking about what I will plant the next spring. I leave my chair under the protected part of the deck and I will sit out when I can, entombed in blankets and warm clothes, dreaming of the first warm days.

Comments on: "Saying good-bye" (3)

  1. This was a beautiful retrospective. I hope that winter will bring you some delightful experiences. And you have the roses to look forward to. Best wishes. xo


  2. Thank you. I will purchase flowers through the winter to hold me over 🙂

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  3. I do the same, too. I love using empty wine bottles as vases.


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