A journal of healing

early spring 2015 This first shot is the garden just after we had the beds mulched and the snow was official gone. However, Mr. Frost stopped by two more times.

My garden is my sanctuary. It is also a blank canvas where I paint with flowers. I love to spend my weekends working on it. I usually overdo it and hurt for several days later. But the joy I get from coming home and sitting and looking at all the different plants, flowers and “garden junk” I have planted is worth every ache. early spring 1 2015 We ended up as we do every winter with no grass. The combination of many  trees which deposit many leaves, running feet of dogs and too much snow kills off whatever is left at the end of summer.dead azalea Vegetation was very sparse this winter and many trees and shrubs were eaten by animals to survive the winter. Even though our garden is walled on all sides by a fence, we have two resident rabbits. I ended up feeding them carrots on our deck and bird seed. They have remained members of the garden club and that’s ok with me. bunnies a Louieu of bunnie

This year’s addition was a new rock wall garden. I wanted to finish the end of deck off. We also tilled the lawn  by hand  and reseeded it. I usually plant three flats of impatiens in pots. This year, the growers have put a ban on them because they get a blight. Mine did not last year but they did the year before. My favorite grower grew their own so I found a variety of them. I pot them up and it usually takes me a few weekends to get it done. After 1 This is just the first planting.After 2

I also have many perennialsside 5-15 and statues. I hang pots everywhere. The lawn is coming in great. I also collect solar lights and the garden at night is magickal.

Thanks for visiting and stop bye later when I will have many more photos.


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