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The unforeseen

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This week was a week of death. Not in the sense of someone’s untimely departure, but in the future. This week I was made aware of the forthcoming dismissal of some employees. The other joyous adventure was that my husband and I started the process of doing our wills.

About a week ago, I wrote about a consulting agency that was ordered by the Mothership to come in and substantiate a prior report. We were not actually aware there was a prior report, but it became apparent when in interviews they asked questions around things that could only have been known if someone had given them a heads up. We now know for sure they will be reporting back a restructure process. For the last five months, our agency has been looking seriously at cutting costs and part of it will be the elimination of positions. Some have already happened. I was told of others. I wish I did not know, actually.

The staff who will be leaving us shortly have no idea. I think that is what bothers me. I just had my monthly meeting with one. They say you don’t get fired by a company, but you fire yourself. She has done herself in with being miserable and horrible to work with. I have been meeting with her and her current boss to help smooth some edges.  I thought they were going to redeem her, but there have been too many complaints. She is so oblivious to it all. She told me she is planning on going back to school on the company tuition assistance. Ah…no.  It bothers me that she will be let go, but at the same time, it will make for a better situation for my staff who have suffered with her nastiness. I am just grateful she does not report to me, as that had been talked about too but decided against at the time. Now I know why.

This week, I had to also look at my own demise and plan for what will happen to my Estate. It is funny to think of having an estate, but I do. I have all of my family’s heirlooms including some jewelry, I own property, and I have money. Nothing extremely extravagant.  But it is my life and I want it to count for something. So my husband and I had to make some decisions. This is where family can be a burden or blessing.

We decided to do what my very well off brother is doing. We are giving only half to three family members, my two nephews and a tiny bit to his daughter. The rest will be given to a charity we both love. “Save the River.” It was a group founded by Abbey Hoffman, who resided on the river and worked to keep the area protected.  My goal is to get rid of all the STUFF in the house prior to my death so it is not a big deal but I will have fulfilled my promises to the family who gave the stuff to me.

I will be honest that this week has not been a pleasant experience. It makes you face how fragile your world really is. Things change in a moment. I am not spontaneous and so there is some peace in getting things in order. We have such a tenuous hold actually. We need to cherish every moment.


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  1. Wills. I have been avoiding that…

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