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I love all animals…truly. But I have this thing about Basset dogs. Its called “Bassitude.” I had it long before I owned one. When I was young, I used to draw a comic strip and it was a basset. At that time I was a member of a dog-hating cat-loving family. I had no clue why, but that was what I drew. Back in 1985, we got a beagle. I loved her, but she was not a basset. My next dog, Toots, was a basset and I started an affiliation with a basset rescue group. We adopted two more dogs from them and I sat on the Board of Directors for a few years.   I still go to their annual spring bash for the dogs. It is their big fund raiser and there are over 100 dogs who come. These are all photos from this year’s event. I hope they make you smile as they do me. Some day, I may have another basset. Right now, we have the two small doggies to love and take care of.

That face of joy

That face of joy


That face of adoration and trust

That face of adoration and trust


Proud to be part of the pack

Proud to be part of the pack

Every year they have a coronation. This is the queen.

I am all thatprincess

Gaggel of bassetspal

The most wonderful beasts, in my opinion. They are very smushy loves.


I love bassets so much, I have part of my garden devoted to them. This is a fountain and I have another basset statue.

Basset2basset statue 1

But my heart is currently devoted to my ‘wee ones.”kids



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  1. I just love their long ears! So cute. 😊


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