A journal of healing

A promise of spring

bw garden Today was the end of a very long week. As I do ever so often, I deliver meals to the elderly on my lunch as part of Meals on Wheels, which is affiliated with our agency. It is very nice to stop in and say hello to these folks. Most are homebound and the volunteers and the staff volunteers are the highlight of their day.

As we drove from home to home, the air had that smell. The smell of spring. I love that feeling of the onset of a change of seasons. But this is my all time favorite time of year. I love the anticipation. I love to see the beginning of the blooming of all the plants. I feel the sap running in the trees (and yes, I am a sap too) I feel the energy of the earth coming back to life. Many think I am nuts, but I do not care. Those that know me understand that I commune with nature. And that is much more than a 60’s comment.

The day started for me when I woke up at 3:30 am. This too happens often this time of year. I got up for a bit, and then crawled back into bed and watched as lightning flashed outside; an indicator of an air mass change. I got up later after the rain was gone and spent sometime listening to the birds while sipping strong coffee. The doggies, who would rather sleep in normally, sat at my feet sniffing the air. They get it. The bunnies had visited their stash of carrots I leave out at night. All but one and some crumbs were left.

Peace envelopes me when I am in my garden chair. This is my sanctuary. We sit out every night before dinner. I will return to end my night out there.  This will be my tradition from now until fall. Tonight will require me being wrapped in a comforter and winter coat. Most nights, because I meditate, I will gently cross over into sleep. Many a night my husband has to come retrieve me, but it is still too cold for me to sleep out there for long.

This is the end of day#5 of the B&W challenge. So with fond adieu, I transition back to color. Just like coming out of the grey of winter and into the glorious colors of spring and summer.

garden 1


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