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Crazy geese

bw ducks

I picked this photo because it is a good representation of what it is like working in health care. This past years has been insane. I work for a home care agency that provides high end nursing and therapy care including hospice. We have been around for 96 years. But last year we bought another agency and went from one county, which we did extremely well, to seven counties. We are a mess, to say the least.

We have some nurses who have been with the agency for over 40 years. Truly. Unfortunately, they have not kept up with the times and they are not business oriented, they are primarily clinicians who came up from the field with no formal business training. This has been part of the issue. One of these nurses is my arch nemesis which I will share another time.  “We have always done it that way” should be tattooed on their foreheads. Well, what they always did does not do it now.

We went from one nursing service with 500 patients  several years ago to a CHHA with nursing and therapy with over 1100 monthly census, plus two hospices, aide service, coaching, Health Home and MLTC. We start bundles in a few months and we are moving to be the homecare provider of choice with our big medical center here.

Everyone is still trying to do their own thing. Does not work. We have a brand new CEO and she is cleaning up the place. I have great hope. She seems to be a clinician with a strong business ethic. She and her new Chief Clinical Officer and Corporate Compliance Officer are really rearranging the deck furniture.

I was their first non-nurse to head up their education department. Even though I am credentialed and licensed, it has been very hard for me to fit in. I have a lead clinical instructor and she and I work extremely well together. She gets it. My role is not to try and be clinical. My role is to get others to teach well.

I think this picture really demonstrates how it is at work right now. We are also in the process of going for Joint Commission, which is a high level accreditation. Let’s just pile more on. This is a whole other story. Bottom line: the project director cannot get the program off the ground and she flails around with no direction, like a one-winged goose. She cannot lead a group out of a phone booth.

Can you guess who is my arch nemesis?

I am  participating in the Black and White Challenge from Cordelia’s Mom. This is Day #4.


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