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Got a Boo Boo face on

bw basset

Some days just need to end. Today is one of those for me. I seemed to have gone from chair to chair, room to room, in meetings and out of meetings, and from issue to issue.

The highlight of the day was a thunderstorm that rolled in. In my new office, I can sit and see the storm and hear the rain on the roof of the building. This is most pleasant.

However, by the time I left, the rain and turned to light almost,… dare I say, snow.

Ok, I know I am not alone, but I am so sick of this weather.

All I can do is wait. Wait for the birds and the green of the garden to arrive. It should be here soon.

People are getting mighty snarky in these parts.

I am  participating in the Black and White Challenge from Cordelia’s Mom. This is Day #3.  I am supposed to nominate someone. But this has been a lot of work and so I do not want to burden anyone.


Comments on: "Got a Boo Boo face on" (3)

  1. Great photo!!!! 🙂 (And you can quit. I won’t hold it against you!)


  2. You are not alone! 37 degrees here in NYC plus rain. Lots of ‘boo boo faces’ here too. Nothing is blooming yet. Waiting and waiting and waiting for some form of color! Sigh…


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