A journal of healing

c and trees

I was honored and challenged by the good Doc, Victo  Dolore and her blog  Behind the White Coat  to participate in a B & W challenge from Cordelia’s Mom post http://cordeliasmomstill.com/. I do not usually shoot in black and white, so I have to dig and edit. Here is my first image and it is perfect for what I was going to post anyways.

Today I was thrilled coming home from work. The last couple of days have been really pleasant. I am not sure why but I have an idea. I am not ready to share something personal I am working on. It is another type of “therapy”. But it seems to have some real potential for calming.

I am driving home in a peaceful manner. I always look at birds up in the sky. All winter I scan looking for my favorite bird, which is ridiculous as they are long gone come October. They are to me the sign of hope, happiness and better times.

So I look up at this rather large bird flying towards me. I thought, maybe it was a hawk….until I saw the long legs.



Comments on: "Honor of B & W Challenge and Spring" (3)

  1. Great shot! 🙂


  2. Beautiful picture!


  3. Very beautiful picture, especially since you say you don’t have much experience with B&W


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