A journal of healing

I was reading someone’s blog the other day and it put me off on writing for a while. One of her posters made a comment about how refreshing it was to read a blog that was not about whining and complaining. I realized that this is what most blogs are. It is the therapeutic activity for many bloggers, myself included. So I took some time to think about the content of my blog.

Then I thought, really? F**K it! Its my blog. I made it to vent my thinking, my issues and troubles, in hopes people would chime in and comment. I hope to offer some new ideas from my prospective. I think that is what most blogs are. Opinions, shared and commented on.

The bottom line is: if you don’t like it, don’t read it. But that counters the whole concept of building followers. It is a dilemma to please people, to entice and intrigue readers and still be true to myself.

Tonight, in celebration of the Equinox, first day of spring, a solar eclipse and a new moon….all very powerful energy forces, I want to share some pictures. All the events happening are harbingers of new beginnings. My Sunday post will be about that.

So I hope you like the last pictures of snow….I hope no more snow and a couple of pictures of the flowers sitting next to me. snow mound1snow mound 2ice 2dog ballice 1feb flowrs 1flrs 2

Comments on: "In honor of Spring arrival" (1)

  1. Here’s to no more snow!!!😊 i am so ready for spring!


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