A journal of healing

In the Beginning…….

This is my new blog. My intent is to create a resource for people who are going through a process of healing from trauma that may have occurred as a child or later in life. There is a ton of material out there that is evidence based research, but it is all written in clinical hyperbole  by people who have not been there. I am one who likes to learn from those who have walked the walk.

To explain, I have a chronic illness which to this day I firmly believe I can lessen the impact of it on my life  if not completely  overcome. In my earnest endeavor, I sought out help to “get healed.” That was three years ago. I had no clue how messed up I was because I had no other reference. I had always been hyper-vigilant, fearful, over reactive and closed off. Who knew? I was more worried because I could not walk anymore.

To start off with this first post, I want to introduce  you to the Adverse Childhood Experience Study or ACE Study. This was introduced to me way into my journey of therapy and working on figuring out what was “wrong” with me. This study had over 17,000 participants who volunteer by doing a routine health screening and was originated back in the late 1990’s.  The results which are still being analyzed are proof of the correlation to health issues and social-economic risks caused by childhood trauma. Any one can take the test. There are ten questions and you add up your yes answers. http://acestudy.org/ace_score

The study reveals evidence that a score of three or more usually produces a higher probability of  chronic illness, co morbidity and/or shorten mortality. The higher the score, the more likely there will or are issues in adult life. Just for the record, my score is 8 out of ten. It actually shocked me too.

I will be writing more about this study and the impact this research has had on the medical community…..which as a hint….not much. Not too many people know about this study. Those who work in behavioral medicine are beginning to see a correlation to child hood abuse and addiction and are working on different interventions. That’s for another time.

Namaste…..which is a powerful embracing acknowledgment of the Divine in us all.



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